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The misfits in the market

A brand created by Going Kolombo, located in the heart of Antwerp at 51 DegreesNorth, active in the pet and furniture market.
We love to design and manufacture products, create concepts and build brands.

Started in 2005, the company today has its HQ in Antwerp, a factory in Indonesia and a buying office in Shanghai.

wie zijn we - sfeer


Pets have become full family members. We love to design products that help pets and people live their lives paw in hand. 51 is one of the leading brands in today’s pet market. With over 3000 points of sale, our products are available in most European countries. We strongly believe in designing trendy products and bringing more in-store experience. Therefore we developed shop-in-shop presentations with multiple collections per season.

The products of 51DegreesNorth go from soft beds to pillows, and from dog coats to dinner bowls. Each collections has its own different style and appearance.


We are always looking for new models for our catalogue and product-pictures.
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