Terms & Conditions

ARTICLE 1 Going Kolombo bvba, hereinafter referred to as 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo, having its registered office at 2000 Antwerp, Hessenplein 11, has organised a competition with purchase obligation.

ARTICLE 2 The aim of the “Scratch & Win”, hereinafter referred to as ‘Competition’, is to promote the products sold under the brand 51DegreesNorth. It will run from the 1st of February 2017 to the 31st of December 2017. This competition is only organised in Belgium, the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. It concerns a temporary promotion which can be extended or expanded by 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo.

ARTICLE 3 These rules and regulations lay down the general terms and conditions for participation in this competition. By participating, the participant acknowledges to have taken explicit note of the rules and regulations. Participation implies the irrevocable acceptance of all provisions of these rules and regulations.

ARTICLE 4 All adults (older than 18) living in Belgium, the Netherlands or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg are able to participate in this competition.

ARTICLE 5 Participants under the age of 18 must have the approval of their parent(s)/legal guardian(s) before participating in the competition. If requested, the participant must submit written proof of this consent.

ARTICLE 6 Are excluded from participation: staff members of Going Kolombo bvba and all directly or indirectly involved employees and their family members.

ARTICLE 7 This competition is announced on the digital channels of 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo, on the labels on the products of Going Kolombo / 51DegreesNorth.

To validly participate, the following steps are required:

1.Purchase of a Going Kolombo / 51DegreesNorth product with the Scratch & Win label with scratch field.
2. Surf to 51DegreesNorth.be/win
3.Correct and truthful entry of personal details (surname, name, e-mail, name of animal and what kind of animal).
4.Enter code hidden under the scratch layer and add photograph of proof of purchase.
5.After clicking the confirmation button, the system checks whether it concerns a winning code and immediately shows it on the screen.
6.A winning code entitles you to repayment of the article in question.
7.51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo will contact the winners for repayment by mail

ARTICLE 8 The prizes for the competition are the following: at least 50 winning codes entitle the winner to repayment of the purchased article.

ARTICLE 9 The winners will personally receive their prize on the account number they specified by mail to 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo. The winners unconditionally accept to co-operate with any communication regarding the receipt of the prize and also accept that 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo uses their name and possible photographs for promotion purposes in the context of the competition or uses the receipt of the prize, without being entitled to any compensation, copyrights or any other benefit than the prize given to them.

ARTICLE 10 The scratch codes need to be entered on www.51DegreesNorth.be/win by the 31st of December 2017 at 11.59 p.m. at the latest. Only one entry per scratch code is permitted. Several entries are possible per name and address.

ARTICLE 11 The winners are notified personally after entering the code. If the mail address on the competition form turns out to be wrong or upon receipt of the contact mail the winner does not provide the requested bank details within 5 days, the prize is lost and it is no longer awarded. The participant thus loses any right to the prize he/she won. Participants must therefore fill out the competition form with the greatest care.

ARTICLE 12 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo takes the necessary measures to guarantee the smooth operation of the competition, more specifically in the event of dispute or in case of exceptional circumstances. All these measures and decisions in the context of this competition are irrevocable.

ARTICLE 13 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo reserves the right to change the competition, its operation and/or the conditions of the competition if exceptional circumstances or circumstances beyond the control of 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo justify it.

ARTICLE 14 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo cannot be held liable if, in pursuance of circumstances beyond its control, the competition has to be suspended, changed, postponed or cancelled.

ARTICLE 15 With the exception of a serious or deliberate error, 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo cannot be held liable for accidents, costs or damage arising from participation in this competition.

ARTICLE 16 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo is not liable if the website www.51DegreesNorth.be/win is unavailable due to circumstances beyond its control during the term of the competition. Therefore, 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo cannot be held liable under these circumstances for the improper operation of the internet, which obstruct the good and efficient operation of the website.

ARTICLE 17 Participation in the competition requires full acceptance of these rules and regulations without any reservation. The rules and regulations are available on the website www.51DegreesNorth.be. To receive a paper copy of these rules and regulations, participants must send a sufficiently self-addressed stamped envelope to Going Kolombo bvba, Hessenplein 11 bus 12, 2000 Antwerp, and specify: “Scratch & Win – competition rules”.

ARTICLE 18 Any complaint in connection with this competition must be sent in writing within 15 working days following the entry of the code on the website to Going Kolombo bvba, Hessenplein 11 bus 12, 2000 Antwerp. Under no circumstance shall complaints be handled verbally or by telephone. Complaints submitted outside the term or complaints that have not been drawn up in writing shall not be handled.

ARTICLE 19 These rules and regulations are subjected to Belgian law and any dispute regarding its application fall under the jurisdiction of the courts of the Brussels district for inhabitants of Belgium. Inhabitants of the Netherlands and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg fall under the courts of their town/city.

ARTICLE 20 The fact that participants provide their personal details implies that that they agree that this data can be used for publicity and identification purposes which means the name and town/city of the winners can be published on the website and/ or the Facebook page of 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo. In accordance with the Act of 8 December 1992 relating to the protection of privacy, participants have the right to inspect and change their personal details and refuse the use of their personal details for marketing purposes by writing to the following address: Going Kolombo, Hessenplein 11 bus 12, 2000 Antwerp. All additional information is available from the Commission for the protection of privacy, Steenweg op Waterloo 115 B – 1000 Brussels. 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo shall take all reasonable and fair measures to keep this information confidential.

ARTICLE 21 When clicking ‘next step’ to send personal details, the participant acknowledges that sending these details via the internet is never without risk. Damage following the use of the participant’s personal details by unauthorised people can under no circumstance be recovered from 51DegreesNorth / Going Kolombo, which under no circumstance can be held liable for this damage.

ARTICLE 22 The organiser reserves the right at any time to suspend or revoke the competition in every separate jurisdiction if forced to do so for legal reasons or compulsory self-regulatoryreasons, without any right to compensation or reimbursements vis-à-vis the participants.